Merchant's Guild

Merchant's Guild

The Merchant's Guild are one of the three competing trading societies in the City of Ahgram.

They are the largest society, they are totally profit-oriented and only interested in the acculumation of wealth, to the detriment of anything else.

Where are they?

After arriving outside Ahgram via the riftstone, when you enter the main part of the city you are almost immediately at the eastern end of the main thoroughfare that runs East-West through the trading area of the city. There in front of you will be the Telon Global Exchange merchant, a Kurashasha by the name of Aslak Shaniq. All directions start from him.

  • From Aslak, head west along the main thoroughfare.
  • At the central circle, turn left and head south, moving around the circle.
  • When you have turned through 90 degrees and are once again facing west, turn left and head south down a side road.
  • Take the first turning on the right, such that you are now heading west again.
  • The second door on the right is the Merchant's Guild HQ.

Key People

Guildmaster Caska, Merchant's Guild Guildmaster

  • Caska is the leader of the society, and is who to go to for Quests.

Robai Wyneb, Merchant's Guild Official

Introductory Text

Caska smiles in a condescending manner. "Certainly. The Merchant's Guild is the largest coalition of successful merchants, business owners, and trading groups in Ahgram. There is of course a designated amount of wealth required to join to avoid letting the rabble in, and all prospective and current members must be successful merchants or artisans."

"The Society of Invention is the closest group we have to a competitor, but they lack any business sense. Always giving out valuable items for free.".

Shakan chuckles as if amused by your very existence. "as I said: wealthiest, and most successful trade and artisan's guild. Our crafters are among the best in all the world."

"The Society of Invention is a collection of idealistic fools who wouldn't know the value of a copper if it was balanced on their nose. The Cabal is worse; a compilation of worthless wretches that conduct some of the vilest experiments I've ever heard of. We've had to kill a number of their so-called dark knights when they attack."


At any time after you reach level 25 Crafting, you can pick up work orders from any of the three Ahgram societies. Like other work orders, these work orders are repeatable.

Note that the factional adjustments are the same regardless of the difficulty of the work order and regardless of the quality or completeness of work you do. The only requirement to get the faction adjustment is that you complete at least one item in a work orders to at least grade C quality.

This means that if you are just aiming to grind some faction without also seeking experience, coin or other rewards, then you can just pick up a "grey" work order and make a single item from it to grade C and hand the work order in, for the full faction reward.

The work orders here are always available for all three societies, even if you join one of the societies. This means that faction lost with two of them whilst being a member of the third, could be earned back, if you had a reason to wish to do that.
Merchant's Guild

Work Order Provider: Robai Wyneb, Merchant's Guild Official

+3 Qalian Artisans
+3 Ahgram Artisans
+30 Merchant's Guild
-10 Society of Invention
-10 Cabal


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