Level 11:

560.png Power Attack II:
Your attacks become more powerful, increasing melee damage by 12% while active. Using Power Attack for 15 sec will result in Unyielding Might, further increasing damage by 6%

Level 12:

570.png Bloodrage I:
Fills you with rage, increasing your current and maximum endurance by 20 and restores 10 endurance every 3 sec.
625.png Charge:
Commands your group to charge into combat, increasing their critical hit change by 20% and movement speed by 75% for 1 attack or 10 sec. Can only be performed outside of combat
20753.png Intimidating Snarl I:
You emit a terrible cry, intimidating all opponents within 10m, reducing their damage by 1% for 30 sec.
431.png Kick II:
A crushing kick that inflicts 48 to 54 damage and has a chance to stun for 1s.
708.png Savage Cut I:
A brutal slicing attack that causes your target to bleed, taking 125 damage and adding 1458 hate over 20 seconds.
566.png Shout of Fury I:
A furious battle cry that increase your strength by 40 for 14 sec

Level 14:

416.png Brutal Strike III:
A powerful attack that increases melee damage by 35
602.png Infuriating Shot I:
A stinging shot that deals 145 to 157 and increases hate by 234
481.png Pommel Smash I:
Smash an opponent with the pommel of your weapon, inflicting 52 to 58 damage. Also has a chance of stunning them for 2 sec. Increasing hate by 185. Requires Dual Wield.
695.png Stinging Cut I:
Slashes your opponent for 150% weapon damage, adds 394 hate and leaves a stinging wound which adds an additional 1624 hate over 16 sec.
439.png Withdraw I:
When this command is given, your ally will withdraw and all attackers within 8m will feel much less hate for them.

Level 16:

20748.png Assail I:
Counterattack after a successful block, inflicting 300% weapon damage plus 91 to 99 and stunning your opponent for 1 sec. Requires Dual Wield
408.png Press the Attack:
Commands your group to attack, increasing their melee damage by 25% for 8sec.
560.png Riposte II:
Counterattack after a successful parry, dealing 300% weapon damage plus 85 to 93.
20724.png Volley:
You order nearby allies to fire a volley at your opponent. Increases the damage and critical hit chance of ranged attacks and spells by 5%

Level 18:

567.png Decimate II:
A devastating melee attack that deals 400% weapon damage plus 95 to 103 damage.
563.png Devastating Blow II:
A devastating attack that deals 150% damage plus 53 to 59 to your target. In addition, the target is immobilized for 3s.
649.png Grim Determination I:
If used while in defensive form, the next 6 attacks directed at you will heal you for 2% health, 1% energy and taunt your target. While in offensive form, your next 6 attacks will heal you for 1% health and 2% energy.
560.png Myrmidon's Gift:
Causes you to perform critical hits with your special attack for 3 sec.
571.png Obliterate I:
A brutal melee attack that deals 400% weapon damage plus 126 to 136. Only available after performing Decimate.
1053.png Shout of Defiance I:
A defiant shout that increase hate by 365, and forces your opponent to target you for 3 attacks or 6 sec. Your damage also increases by 10% for 8 sec.
20743.png Sunder II:
A broad stroke that deals melee damage plus 39 to your opponent and its adjacent ally. Requires Dual Wield
438.png Taunt II:
Increases your target's hatred of you by 376.
479.png Waylay II:
A savage attack that increases melee damage by 75. Requires a Flanking Ally.

Level 20:

516.png Hold The Line:
Each party member gains 3% increase to dodge, parry and block, flurry and rage resistance are increased by 10%. Endurance costs are reduced by 5%, and energy costs by 1%
517.png Raise Defenses:
Commands your group to block incoming damage, increasing their ability to absorb most form of damage by 10% for 10 sec.
708.png Savage Cut II:
A brutal slicing attack that causes your target to bleed, taking 150 damage and adding 2292 hate over 30 seconds.
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