Palskills21 30

Level 22:

516.png Aegis Strike III:
Smashes your shield into the target, inflicting 138 to 148 damage. This ability has an inherent bonus to critically hit.
728.png Blade of Vol Anari II:
Cleaves through undead and fiendish opponents, dealing 400% weapon damage plus 158 to 170 and an additional 1778 to 1872 damage over 20 sec.
540.png Boon of Vol Anari II:
Allows you a chance to deal additional damage to undead targets with every melee attack. You cannot have more than one Boon affecting your weapons.
516.png Guardian's Assault II:
Deals 325 to 345 damage and increases your opponent's hatred of you by 455. If the target has an armor chink, mitigation is reduced by 10%.

Level 24:

552.png Champion's Might III:
Deals 87 to 95 damage to your target and increases your strength by 35 for 5 minutes.
568.png Gift of Peace I:
Causes your target's melee attacks to generate 20% less hatred.

Level 26:

565.png Blessing of Gloriann's Protection II:
Blesses your target with increased armor class and fire, cold and spiritual resistance.
566.png Blessing of Vothdar III:
Blesses your target with 18 strength.
451.png Boon of Valus III:
Allows you a chance to deal additional damage with every melee attack. You cannot have more than one Boon affecting your weapons.
413.png Devout Foeman II:
Raises your chance to block incoming attacks by 140% for 60 seconds or until you block or activate another ability. This turns off your auto-attack.

Level 28:

684.png Courage III:
Increases hit points by 264 and armor class by 297 for your defensive target's party.
681.png Cry of Solace II:
This war cry provides 614 health to you and your allies.
420.png Entwine II:
Rescues your defensive target from an incoming, causing the offender to target you for 3 attacks or 6 seconds as well as healing your ally. The same opponent may be target-forced once every 30 sec.
718.png Hammer of Valus IV:
Crushes your target dealing 400% damage plus 186 to 198. Deals an additional 103 to 111 damage when used while an ally is flanking your target.

Level 30:

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