Necroskilllvl51 55

Level 51:

20726.png Bone Rail:
Hurls a rail of bone at your target dealing physical damage. After 2 seconds the rail will fragment and explode dealing additional damage to your target as it to bleeds over 10 seconds.

Level 53:

20736.png Divest Life:
Casts shadows that slowly consume your opponent's life force, dealing damage over 60 sec and transferring 60% of the life to you. There is a chance that the ability will also transfer 30% to your group.

Level 55:

710.png Abomination of Shadows:
Summons a festering abomination. A powerful ally for the lich this abomination has the ability to critically hit.
502.png Swarming Infestation:
Spawns a swarm of scarabs to devour your opponent piece by piece, dealing damage over 60 sec.
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