Necroskilllvl31 40

Level 32:

1054.png Death Incarnate II:
Infuses your abomination with the power of death, increasing its damage by 80% and making it immune to fear, stun and movement effects for 45 sec.
502.png Plague of Infestation V:
Spawns a swarm of scarabs to devour your opponent piece by piece, dealing damage over 60 sec
1069.png Vile Ritual V:
Performs a ritual on a nearby corpse, which grants you energy and your pet life.

Level 34:

573.png Corruption I:
Your mind expands and your body withers, increasing energy by 20% and intelligence by 20%. The physical corruption reduces hit points by 10% and strength by 10%. All percentages are based off unmodified totals.
546.png Dark Rebuke III:
Spiritual energy crushes your target for damage. Deals added damage to undead targets.
647.png Devour Curse II:
Removes minor curse from your target. Can be used to remove stronger curses, but will need to be used more than once.
777.png Mend Flesh I:
Mends the flesh of your abomination, healing it.
1058.png Sealed Fate IV:
Condemns an opponent dealing damage to them in 3 waves. The first waves deals physical damage instantly, the second deals damage over 60 sec, and the third deals damage over 10 minutes.
659.png Soul Blight II:
Causes your opponent's soul to wither and decay which reduces spiritual resistance by 300 for 60 sec. The target temporarily becomes an undead creature, causing them to be susceptible to any abilities that affect the living dead.
687.png Spectre's Touch III:
A soul chilling blast of cold that inflicts damage.
619.png Torment V:
Directs tormenting spirits to attack the soul of your opponent, slowing movement by 55% and inflicting damage over 60 seconds.
1056.png Wail of the Banshee:
Instills fear in your target, causing it to run away from you for 8 sec.

Level 36:

1055.png Bonemail II:
Clothes you and your abomination in spiked bone armor which increases armor class by 738 and causes damage to any that attack you.
20726.png Bone Spear II:
Hurls a spear of bone at your opponent, dealing physical damage.
553.png Crippling Blight V:
Cripples your opponent, lowering damage dealt by up to 130. The weakness fades quickly during its initial 35 sec, but lingers for 2 minutes
707.png Drain Life IV:
Steals life from your target, dealing damage and healing you for the same amount.
651.png Ghastly Revenge II:
Strikes your opponent with a ghastly power, dealing spiritual damage. Increases your energy costs by 5%. While Ghastly Revenge is active your other direct damage spells are increased in potency.
449.png Ritual of Necropotence II:
Consumes the energy in a nearby corpse and grants you an additional 7% damage for 30 minutes.

Level 38:

702.png Bloodfeast:
Allows you to quickly convert your life into mana. Prolonged use of this ability without healing can cause death.
615.png Bone Chill IV:
Chills your opponent to the bone, dealing cold damage.
414.png Death Shroud II:
Wraps your defensive target's party in a deathly coat, greatly increasing cold resistance by 170.
660.png Despoiling Blight I:
Drains an opponent's constitution, dexterity, vitality, and wisdom by 41, giving them to you and your allies for 30 sec. Only one target at a time may be affected by this ability.
20735.png Detonate Corpse III:
Explodes the targeted corpse with great force, dealing damage to all opponents within 10 meters.
20736.png Devouring Shadows IV:
Shadows slowly consume your opponents life force, dealing damage over 60 sec and transferring half of the life to you
702.png Fear II:
Instills fear in your target, causing it to run away from you for 20 sec
20740.png Grasp of the Grave III:
The chill of death overcomes your target, inflicting damage over 60 sec.
20742.png Life Draught I:
Pulls the life from your target, dealing damage and heals you and your group for 75% of the damage done.
715.png Ritual of the Servant:
Performs a ritual that raises a spectral acolyte while in wraith form and a tangible acolyte while in lich form. Spectral acolytes periodically heal the energy of you and your allies while tangible acolytes will periodically heal the life of you and your allies.
20752.png Shadow Feast III:
Feasts upon the soul of your opponent, dealing damage and stealing constitution from them.
1069.png Vile Ritual VI:
Performs a ritual on a nearby corpse, which grants you energy and your pet life.

Level 40:

681.png Blood Rite V:
Transfers a portion of your life to your abomination, healing it
20752.png Necrotic Clutch II:
Grasps your opponent in a deathly clutch, dealing multiple waves of damage over 60 seconds. The first wave deals damage, increasing damage for the last wave. Deals damage over 60 seconds to you. Damage over time abilities cast while Necrotic Clutch is active are increased in potency.
655.png Noxious Malady II:
A noxious poison that blasts your opponent for damage and debuffing its accuracy and spell mitigation by 5% for 25 seconds.
401.png Power of the Grave V:
Grants your defensive target's party unnatural vigor and intellect, increasing both constitution and intelligence by 56
648.png Rest of the Dead II:
Enables you to fake your own death.
685.png Soul Trap II:
Traps the essence of an undead target preventing it from moving, casting or attacking. Any damage will break the effects of the spell. Only one target may be trapped at once. After 4 sec, a trapped target will begin to rapidly regenerate life.
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