Imperial Trade Organization

Imperial Trade Organization

The Imperial Trade Organization are one of the three competing trading societies in the City of New Targonor.

They are a large, somewhat unpleasent and at times violent trade organization, which does not worry about legal issues at all.

Where are they?

Located inside Central crafting area. When entering the area coming from the Rift stone, they are on the far side of the Horseman Statue in the recessed buildings next to New Targonor Trading Company.

Key People

Saori Kendall gives the quests.
blake Nashven is for work orders.
Kanna Hult is the Commander.

Introductory Text


Quest List


At any time after you reach level 25 Crafting, you can pick up work orders from any of the three New Targonor societies. Like other work orders, these work orders are repeatable.

Note that the factional adjustments are the same regardless of the difficulty of the work order and regardless of the quality or completeness of work you do. The only requirement to get the faction adjustment is that you complete at least one item in a work orders to at least grade C quality.

This means that if you are just aiming to grind some faction without also seeking experience, coin or other rewards, then you can just pick up a "grey" work order and make a single item from it to grade C and hand the work order in, for the full faction reward.

The faction rewards are given below.

Work Order Provider: Blake Nashven, Imperial Trade Organization Overseer

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