Disciple Endowments

An Endowment is a buff or bonus which is generated by a Disciple when using certain chains.

716.png Endowment of Life:
Increases your defensive target's health for 2 minutes and heals them instantly. Effectiveness depends on the level of BW, CK, VH, and vitality.

Chain: Blessed Wind > Cyclone Kick > Void Hand

Level Possible: 4
711.png Endowment of Mastery:
Lowers the energy and endurance cost of all abilities by 10% for all group members within 10m for 10 minutes.

Chain: Soul Cutter-> Void Hand-> Knife Hand

Level Possible: 18
717.png Endowment of Enmity:
Increases your damage by 10% for 10 minutes.

Chain: Cyclone Kick -> Ra'Jin Flare

Level Possible: 34

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