Learn Rebuttal


Starting NPC: Miraz Oilbard
Town: Bordinar's Cleft
Chunk: Bordinar's Cleft
Continent: Thestra
/Loc: -10200, -67857, 86967
Ending Chunk: Same
Diplomacy Needed: 4
Faction Needed:
Presence Needed:
Quest Chain:
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Quest Description:

Place your new Rebut Statement in your Strategy.

Win the 'Rebuttal' parley with Miraz, and practice using your new Rebut.


Speak with Miraz to begin the Rebuttal conversation. Note that you do not need to place Lay Blame in your Strategy to win this conversation. Depending on your level and equipment, it may be easier to leave Lay Blame out of your Strategy. The conversation is an interview and Miraz doesn't seem to have any cards of note to look out for.


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Faction Changes:

Other Rewards:



Quest Offering:

Miraz says, "Rebuttal is the art of taking Expression from your opponent. It is a subtle tool, not often used by dwarven diplomats."

"Those who do use it, though, find they can take apart an opponent's Strategy much more quickly."

"Let's see how you will do with it. I will give you a Statement to put in your Strategy. Use it on me in a practice parley."

Npc Dialogue

Miraz Oilbard - Rebuttal
(Interview: 4)

You say "Are Rebuts like Repeals?"

Miraz Oilbard says, "Not really, but they are just as useful. A Repeal is for conversion. A Rebuttal is for denial."

Miraz Oilbard says, "In this parley, you will see me building up Flattery to make Assertions against you."

Miraz Oilbard says, "If you have placed your Rebut called 'Lay Blame' in your Strategy, use it on me now."

Miraz Oilbard says, "Provided you have a lead on me, spending a turn to take away my ability to fight back makes your victory even more assured!"

Miraz Oilbard says, "Make no mistake, a Rebuttal is only useful when used at just the right moment."

Miraz Oilbard says, "Gain an advantage, wait for your opponent to play an Evaluation, then use your Rebuttal!"

Miraz Oilbard says, "Tailoring your Strategy using Repeals and Rebuts will spell the difference between victory and defeat someday."

Quest Completion

Miraz says, "Well done. Rebuts are next to useless unless you can predict your opponent's strength. Remember to gain an advantage, then eliminate their Expression!"

Miraz says, "Denial of Expression is a powerful tool. Somehow I think you've already got an idea of how to use it."

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