Diplomat's Saga - New Targonor Threat


Starting NPC: Skaku Rainsky
Town: The Tomb of Lord Tsang
Chunk: The Tomb Of Lord Tsang
Continent: Kojan
/Loc: -35881, 22563, 7085
Ending Chunk: New Targonor
Diplomacy Needed: 10
Faction Needed:
Presence Needed:
Quest Chain: Diplomat's Saga
Previous Quest: Diplomat's Saga - Warlord's Surprise
Next Quest: Diplomat's Sage - Signing Up, , , ,

Quest Description:

Travel to New Targonor to speak to Sharas Kamur about the Gray Knights.



plat.jpg Gold.png Silver.png 5 Copper.png


Faction Changes:

Other Rewards:

Executor's Band +5 Clergy, Noble and Soldier



Quest Offering:
Npc Dialogue
Quest Completion

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