Studying Bricks - Thestrian


Starting NPC: Kaleb Endaw
Quest Level: 1
Class: Artificer
Sub Class: Mineralogist
Required Faction: Unknown
Starting Town: Ranton Keep
Starting Chunk: Renton Keep
Continent Thestra
/Loc: -72018, 3767, 48291
Quest Chain:
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Learning Apprentice Bricks - Thestrian


Study the Bricks at Trengal Keep.

Materials Needed:


Head in the main gate of Trengal Keep and continue through the fence into the area where the four dot mobs wander around.

Straight across that courtyard is a corridor. Head into that corridor and take the first right.

There's a small alcove at the end of that short passageway where one orc stands near the large brick.


plat.jpg Gold.png Silver.png Copper.png

Experience: 0


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