Bordinar's Cleft Upkeep


Starting NPC: Argus Darkhammer
Quest Level: 10
Class: All Classes
Sub Class: None
Required Faction:
Starting Town: Easthearth
Starting Chunk: Bordinar's Cleft
Continent Thestra
/Loc: 2882, -72628, 86967
Quest Chain:
Previous Quest:
Next Quest:


  • Repair the Gate Leading into Bordinar's Cleft
  • Burnish the Statue Outside the King's Hall
  • Repair the Railings Near the Main Entrance
  • Repair the Statue in the Main Hall

Materials Needed:



Argus sighs in relief. "Am I glad to see you. I could use your help with something important. I've been charged with doing some maintenance in Bordinar's Cleft, and the two people I hired to assist me did not show up. Would you mind lending me a hand? I'll make sure you get your fair share of the payment, as well as my undying gratitude."

Argus offers you the list, looking hopeful.

Despite being a crafting quest, this requires no crafting - just a little leg work. Head out of Easthearth toward the entrance to Bordinar's Cleft. As you pass out of the main hall into the long corridor by the main entrance, you should get an update to repair the railings near the main entrance (loc: around 1986, -55101, 86561).

Continue out of the main entrance. Outside, head to the main gate to get the update for repairing the gate leading into Bordinar's Cleft (loc: around 26393, -31248, 87419). It took a little bit of running around the gate to get this update. The first time running through the gate did not update the quest.

Head back inside Bordinar's Cleft. The update to repair the statue in the main hall is next to the large statue in the main hall (loc: -10369, -67757, 86963).

Continue toward the king's throne room. The second statue is in the area before the king's hall in the center of a small pool of lava (loc: -18770, -76314, 87373).

After getting all the updates, head back to Argus.

Argus wipes his brow. "You're all finished with your part?"

Argus smiles. "Fine work, my friend. Take your cut of the pay and this pack as a bonus. I'm sure you'll find some things inside you can use."


plat.jpg Gold.png Silver.png 2 Copper.png 50


Argus gives you a Small Leather Pack, which contains an assortment of various items.


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