Apprentice Specialty Training


Starting NPC: Chance Alexander
Quest Level: 21
Class: All Classes
Sub Class: None
Required Faction:
Starting Town: Ahgram
Starting Chunk: Ahgram
Continent Qalia
/Loc: -40488, 2839, 1792
Quest Chain:
Previous Quest:
Next Quest:


To learn the advanced apprentice techniques you must give 8 silver sigils and a piece of enchanted parchment to a masterwork craftsman.

Materials Needed:

8 - Silver Masterwork Sigil (from work orders)
1 - Enchanted Parchement


Should be repeatable. Needs more information


plat.jpg Gold.png Silver.png Copper.png


Recipe level: 24
Specialization: Mineralogy

  • Amethyst Jewelry Upgrade
  • Sandstone Weapon Upgrade
  • Dry Wood Focus Upgrade Recipe
  • Dry Wood Weapon Upgrade Recipe
  • Sandstone Carvings (Recipe Level:23)

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