A True Qalian Crafter (Blacksmith)


Starting NPC: Valer Thanul
Quest Level: 31
Class: Blacksmith
Sub Class: None
Required Faction: Qalian Artisans
Starting Town: Ahgram
Starting Chunk: Ahgram
Continent Qalia
/Loc: -38430, -508, 1824
Quest Chain:
Previous Quest:
Next Quest:


Travel to Pankor Zhi and search for inspiration. Use information learned there to improvise and craft items. Return to Valer Thanul in Ahgram's crafting area when finished.

Materials Needed:

  • Spear Head (0/3)


Valer eyes you critically, "You wish to become an initiate? You must work hard for that title, and prove that you have the creativity and ingenuity required by true artisans."

"Travel to Pankor Zhi, and search for an item that you feel inspires you. I suggest examining the siege weaponry. When you have find the object that inspires your creativity, craft what you feel you have learned from examining the Qalian workmanship. Return the items to me, and you will be worthy of the title of initiate."

The siege weaponry is a Ballista found in Pankor Zhi at 72392, 47692, 5128. Right click it to study and learn the "Pyrite Ingot" and "Spear Head" recipes. You will need at least 3 Pyrite Ore to complete the quest.

Valer laughs, "Well done! So, you are an initiate now. How does it feel? I didn't ask too much of you, did I?"


Valer folds her arms across her chest. "With that dealt with, you are now recognized by the various artisans guilds of Qalia as a respected crafter. And, in case anyone doubts your skills, show them this." She offers you a necklace.


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