Ahgram Society Work Orders


At any time after you reach level 25 Crafting, you can pick up work orders from any of the three Ahgram societies. Like other work orders, these work orders are repeatable.

Note that the factional adjustments are the same regardless of the difficulty of the work order and regardless of the quality or completeness of work you do. The only requirement to get the faction adjustment is that you complete at least one item in a work orders to at least grade C quality.

This means that if you are just aiming to grind some faction without also seeking experience, coin or other rewards, then you can just pick up a "grey" work order and make a single item from it to grade C and hand the work order in, for the full faction reward.

The work orders here are always available for all three societies, even if you join one of the societies. This means that faction lost with two of them whilst being a member of the third, could be earned back, if you had a reason to wish to do that.

The faction rewards are given below.

Society of Invention

Work Order Provider: Kish Netual, Society of Invention Foreman

Merchant's Guild

Work Order Provider: Robai Wyneb, Merchant's Guild Official


Work Order Provider: Makell Tashar, Cabal Augmentor

Abandoning a Work Order

If you are unable to complete a work order and you choose to abandon it, there is a small faction hit, as follows:

The third line above is a faction hit for the society that the work order abandoned was intended for.

For this reason, it is suggested you do not choose any work orders that are beyond your current ability to complete at least one recipe to grade C.

Additional Rewards

Successful completion of any of these work orders can sometimes also give rewards as well.

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