Seeking the Traitor


Starts With: Centurion Zautyl
Quest Level: 4
Type: Solo
Chunk: Pankor Zhi
Continent: Qalia
/Loc: 70154, 55118, 3830
Ending Chunk: Same
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Centurion Zautyl says, "Go no further. The Legion of Pankor Zhi has place the rockspine lair under quarantine."

Centurion Zautyl says, "Well met. This area is under quarantine. Please proceed no further."

Centurion Zautyl says, "What? Sanvain? A traitor? I find this hard to believe. I hope you have some proof."

Centurion Zautyl says, "Ahh, I see that you bear the Commander's mark. Very well, I suppose I have no choice but to believe your accusation."

"Sanvain has just now entered the lair itself. Go, now. Deal with the traitor and bring me his head."

Hail Krihvin

Krihvin says, "I don't mean to be rude… but I'm a little busy here. I'm testing these eggs for infection. Heh Heh. If you don't mind moving along, I've a lot of work to do.

I know you're a traitor, Sanvain.

Krihvin says, "What?! How dare you make such an accusation?! I am a loyal Centurion of the Legion!"

I spoke with Dardash. He told me everything.

Krihvin flinches momentarily with rage. Composing himself he says, "I applaud your detective work, <Player's Name>. The foll Dardash should never have been trusted with names."

"Of course, you know nothing of our full plans. It's regrettable that I cannot continue my Brihnira, but at this point it is the minorest of inconveniences. I would pay that price and ten times more to halt the progress of one such as you."

That may be difficult after I separate your head from your body.

Centurion Zautyl says, "I see that you have located the traitor Sanvain… or at least a part of him."

Centurion Zautyl says, "I will take the head and mount it here to the rampart as a warning to other, would-be traitors that the Legion of Pankor Zhi does not take the crime of treason lightly. You have our thanks."


Krihvin Sanvain's Head (0/1)

Locate and slay the traitor Krihvin Sanvain within the rockspine lair.



plat.jpg Gold.png Silver.png Copper.png 20

Experience: 158

Other Rewards:


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